Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Science Week (2015)
We celebrated science week with some exciting science experiments and activities.

Maths Day 2015 (2015)
St.Mary's School for Deaf Girls were delighted to celebrate National Maths Week in our school again this year. With our students engrossed in problem solving, maths games, and maths trivia the Maths Day proved to be a tremendous success and reminded us of our enjoyable maths can be.

Youth Leadership Programme at Ardscoil na Trionoide (2015)
Yesterday, A group of students from St. Mary's School for Deaf Girls and St. Joseph's School for Deaf Boys came to Ardscoil na TroĆ­onoide to give a talk to their Transition Years about the Youth Leadership Programme.

Anne Doyle (President of Athy Toastmasters) and Joan Melling (Vice President of Athy Toastmasters) will be co-ordinating the Youth Leadership Programme in Ardscoil na TroĆ­onoide for eight weeks.

It was an excellent idea for St. Mary's & St. Joseph's students to share their experience about the programme with the Transition years who are about to embark on the programme, as it showed everyone exactly what's involved. The students participated in some impromptu speaking and it showed the students that it helps to improve your speaking skills, your communication skills, to listen effectively and to increase your interpersonal skills and self-confidence. By developing these skills, young people will be better prepared to meet the demands and challenges of today's world.

I was especially very proud of our own deaf students who stood up and spoke or signed confidently in front of eighty hearing Transition Years students. I wholeheartedly put this down to their completing the Youth Leadership Programme the previous year. They have developed self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills that is very valuable to them for the rest of their lives.

Ms. Owens

Trip to Croke Park (2015)

Mental Health Awareness Day (2015)
On Friday October 9th Rosary School had a mental health awareness day. It began with yoga in the playhall in the morning. After lunch everyone gathered in the hall to Talk to friends, do some mindful colouring, hand and arm massage and read the information and advice on mental health.

There was also a visit from Ellan Ryan, a deaf student and past pupil of St. Dominics who talked about her trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of Pieta House.

All the money raised will go to Pieta House.

Trip to Newgrange (2015)
First and second went on the visit to Newgrange in Co. Meath.

European Language Label Award (2015)
St. Mary's Deaf Choir were honoured to be awarded with The European Language Label (ELL). Which is an annual award given to individuals or projects that demonstrate outstanding promotion and teaching of languages. In 2014 and 2015 the priorities were:

Languages for Social Inclusion

Languages and Sport

Languages as part of Lifelong Learning

Last year we applied for the award and two judges came to our school to interview Ms. Higgins and two students (Robyn Quigley and Aimee Ennis Mcloughlin). We heard during the summer that we had received the award. It was a huge honour and a fantastic day was had by the girls who represented our school collecting the award in Farmleigh House on Friday 25th September. It is great to see all the hard work paying off.

For more about the award go to

2nd Years visit the Botanic Gardens (2015)
2A/B and 2C went on a trip to the Botanic Gardens. they saw the art exhibition "Sculpture in Situation" and also had a tour of the gardens.

Transition Year Graduation (2015)
After an extremely busy year the Transition year class had their graduation. They really fit a lot into one year. Congratulations to all of them for such a successful transition year. A special congratulations to Aimee for winning Transition Year student of the year.

Active School Week (2015)
Active school week was a full week of fun exercise for all the girls, and teachers too. There was an activities wall where girls had to write down how many minutes of exercise they did, on a post it, to fill up the activities wall.

On Wednesday 29th of April, we did Keep Uppies, that means we had to keep the balloons up without our hands touching them, and we did that for 15 minutes.

We had fun!

There was also orienteering, Zumba!, teachers V students obstacle race, park run and much more.