Events: Rosary Post Primary & Further Education

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Celebrity Chef! (2013)
The kitchens were buzzing last week as the girls baked and decorated cakes with Sinead Smith (Winters), celebrity chef owner of Sinead's Delights cake company.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed whizzing up icing and moulded it into pigs, ladybirds, snails, handbag decorations, leaves and flowers.

Great work girls! Thanks to Sinead and to JCSP teachers for making this possible.

Choir Experiences (2013)
My Experience in the Choir

During the school year, I was picked to join the St. Mary's Deaf Choir. It was such a fantastic honour to be involved in the choir because my sister Leah was involved last year and my mum was involved in the deaf choir years ago so it's great to take after them.

My choir conductor Ms Shirley Higgins is one of the most fantastic conductors there ever was. She picked me to be involved in the Emmanuel 2013 in the Helix along with my sister, and other girls. It was so great to hear that I was going to be in the Helix signing songs. My sister Leah was involved in the Emmanuel last year and I watched her and her class. It was amazing to watch them and just knowing I was going to be doing it was such an amazing feeling.

We started to practice from September till February and it was so tiring but so fun at the same time. It brought all the girls and I so much closer. The choir had to sign 20 songs. Emmanuel asked us to do 3 nights the 26th, 27th and the 28th of February. We were honoured to do it. I was picked to sign the songs 'My Soul Rejoices' and 'Come Holy Spirit'. I loved signing all the songs.

I was also asked to say the 'Thank You' speech in the end, in front of 1200 people. I was so nervous I cried, but it was all worth it in the end. I didn't even need to be nervous because it all went well.

The Helix was such a fantastic experience. Everyone said we were brilliant and no one stopped talking about the Helix.

To be honest, I'd do anything to go back on that stage and sign the songs all over again. I would like to say a big thank you to Ms Higgins. She's such an amazing teacher.

I really do hope we will do the Emmanuel concert next year!

By Aimee

The Helix

My experience of the Helix was the best three days; at the start when Ms Higgins asked us to be part of the deaf choir, I had no confidence. I was really nervous until after a few mornings I built confidence all thanks to Ms Higgins, she really helped me and showed me what I did wrong and made it right, after that I wasn't nervous as usually as I was.

My favourite songs have to be "Hope at the cross road" and "Come Holy Spirit" mine and Aimee's song, because I loved the rhythms and the beats and especially dancing.

I was surprised that our deaf choir get to perform in the Helix, I was really excited and nervous, as we got there, there were loads of girls and boys included.

The last night of the Helix was the best night ever!

By Shauna F

JCSP Celebration (2013)
The girls from 4D received their JCSP folders, with statements of their achievements, at a celebration last week.

Best of luck in your Junior Cert girls!

St. Mary's Tree of Life (2013)
We decided, to mark this time in our history, to create a Tree of Life, whereby everyone in the school will leave their fingerprint as a leaf on our tree.

The tree, when completed, will be framed and hung on one of the walls as a lasting memento of this exciting time in our school's history.

St. Mary's Choir at Emmanuel Helix 2013  (2013)
Our girls performed at the Emmanuel concerts in Dublin's Helix theatre this week.

Last year, for the first time, our students from St. Mary's School took part in the concerts, signing the entire repertoire each night. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response to their participation in Emmanuel, they went on to participate in the Liturgies of last year's Eucharistic Congress and were back in the Helix this week.

Over 2,000 students, from 58 different schools in the Archdiocese of Dublin took part in the Emmanuel concerts. The choir from St. Mary's performed on all three nights, and the response was again very positive, with a lot of signing participation from schools and audience.

Well done to the girls and to Shirley Higgins, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Choir.

We are immensely proud of your achievement!

With thanks to Dublin Diocesan Office for some of the photos.

Update May 2013: Link to story on Irish Catholic website.

Junior Cert Dresses (2013)
Here are some photos of dresses made by our Junior Cert classes, as part of their Home Economics course.

Well done girls, lovely work!

Lost and Found Assembly in Hugh Lane Gallery (2013)
The Lost and Found Sound Assembly were invited by Dublin City Council to perform in the Hugh Lane Gallery on 9th May.

A large audience watched and listened to the performance, and they also took part in the interactive performance. There was enthusiastic applause as the girls finished their 4th performance on this instrument.

The first performance of the Lost and Found Sound Assembly took place in Ringsend Bring Centre, Pidgeon House Road, Dublin 4, to an invited audience.

Students from St. Mary's assembled this musical instrument with US composer George Higgs, and played a piece specially composed for this project. The work was performed on a music structure or "Higgstrument" made from materials sourced from council recycling centres. Percussionist Sean Carpio also performs with the students, and the work is funded by Dublin City council under its Public Art Programme.

The materials used in the structure include steel pipes and tubes, bike wheels, copper and waving pipes, kitchen tins, discarded wood and drums made out of steel boilers.

"I've always been interested in finding and making music in places where you wouldn't normally expect to find it. My idea to use recyclable materials came from that. Working with the students from St. Mary's also shows that music isn't just about sound and heating. To make music together you use gestures, sign language, vibrations, eye signals as well. Working with them on this project was a wonderful experience and we're looking forward to sharing the results with the public" says George Higgs.

Well done girls!

Fetac Open Day (2013)
Fetac, the joint programme with St. Joseph's, had a fantastic Open Day on Thursday.

There was a Mobile Farm, Plant Sale, lots of Games, Cake Icing, Staff Baking Competition, and Falconry Display.

Fetac made a beautiful cake, representing all the modules they have studied on this course.

Our friends from Limerick School for Deaf Children came up for the day.

Everybody really enjoyed it, thanks to all the staff and students for supporting it.

Photos by Kathleen O'Brien, thanks Kathleen!

LCVP Fun Day (2013)
We organised a Fun Day in the Deaf Village: this is our Enterprise Action Project.

We invited the boys form St. Joseph's and there was a great turnout from both schools. Funds raised on the day went to Pieta House, in memory of Darren Gibson.

Because we knew it would be very difficult with just 3 people on the organising team, we enlisted help from Deaf Sports Ireland.

We had Golf, Human Football Table, Clothes Line, Curling, Badminton and Tug of War.

We would like to thank Paul Ryder, Deaf Sports Ireland, and all the volunteers who helped so much on the day. It was a great success, everybody had fun and we raised over €300 for Pieta House. Now we've to write up the report for our LCVP Portfolio!

Eggs-citing Times in St. Mary's! (2013)
Prizes were awarded to fifteen students following a four week Language Competition in Rosary School. Students were asked to select an appropriate word to capture the emotions shown in a series of images displayed on the Language Board.

New pictures were displayed each week. In the latter stages of the competition, students were asked to compose a suitable caption or slogan to complement the images. There was an excellent response to each set of images, with many students recording multiple entries.

Well done to all!