ICT and Computers

some St Mary's pupils

ICT skills are now regarded as one of a set of core skills vital to the educational development of all learners, but in particular those with special educational needs.

The benefits of ICT for deaf and hard of hearing students

  • → It is visual and interactive and greatly appeals to deaf and hard of hearing students
  • → Evidence of improved literacy levels
  • → Increased independence, confidence, motivation and social contact
  • → Allows one to use different approaches to learning(e.g. Collaborative learning)
  • → Offers excellent forms of communication - ending isolation and improved social contact (email, fax, mobile phone (SMS), computer conferencing, chat rooms, discussion forums etc)
  • → The almost silent nature of the Internet offers huge advantages to the deaf. It facilitates access to information and communication
  • → It allows better access to the curriculum.

The benefits identified above are based on our experience over a long number of years and are supported in the literature.

How we use ICT in St. Mary's

We use ICT extensively to assist students in the acquisition and development of language and in the development of communication skills, at all levels right across the curriculum in a number of creative ways.

Teachers in St Mary's have used interactive whiteboard technology for several years and have developed significant expertise in its application.
WSE report, 2010